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Twitter by Winston, 2011-07-28
We have a Twitter account you can follow @MagesLair.

Copyover area, code [clerics, bard song affects, c by Beorn, 2011-07-07
Spell, weave connection, removed skill% lookup to determine dam_bonus.
Spell, dispel good, has been added into spell_power_table for dice damage.
Spell, dispel evil, has been added into spell_power_table for dice damage.
Spell, harm, has been added into spell_power_table for dice damage.
Skill, nerve pinch, had an extra check for skill reduction in another file, removed.

Class, cleric, spells that individually check alignment for damage, alignment code removed.
Class, cleric, check for alignment damage now is a general check.

OLC, Idflag, is now visible in OEDIT.

Carnage, clan purchase, twenty levels for their clan pet. -6000
Chaos, clan purchase, ten levels for their clan pet. -2000
Bards, offensive spell affects are now based on saves check rather a %chance.
Supremacy, clan purchase, 1 walkout exit. -5000
Supremacy, clan purchase, 1 spell for their clan sigil. -50000



Copyover area,code [clan purch, melee dam, bash, d by Beorn, 2011-02-09
Carnage purchased a new pet shop with standard pet.
Mediator (flaming robe) no longer purges the room he is in.

Druid outside damage adjust down slightly.
Skill, Bash, dice config was wrong, damage fixed.
Skill, Disarm, removed a check_killer call.
Skill, Disarm, placed a upper/lower chance limiter to get rid of huge numbers.
Skill, Disarm, no longer strips bond weapon effect.


Copyover code [copy_roster_clannie, do_promote] by Beorn, 2011-01-31
Switched some checks around and included extra mobile and pet checks for do_promote.
Inserted a wiznet notification to show bad roster name stuff in copy_roster_clannie

Copyover code,area [bug fix's, gl] by Beorn, 2011-01-25
Bug, ch->pcdata was not being updated, fixed.
Bug, buying mana or moves past your class max, fixed.

Hassan, power word kill removed, replaced with a mob damage call.
GL, resets changed around a bit.
GL is open again.


Copyover code,area,class [gl resets, melee damage, by Beorn, 2011-01-21
Ok, trying to see if the memory overflow (ie. The crash bug) is because of
a skill or how the mobiles in Darkness and Graghtok's Lair are reset.

Area, Darkness, resets cleaned up.
Area, Graghtok's Lair, resets cleaned up.
Area, Elemental canyon, will now populate a LOT less.

Reduced the new effect on melee damage by a couple increments. (more damage)
Bug fix, healer.c, the word energize replaced with recharge. Action call now does a skill_lookup. (mob only)
Skill, Study, rejuvenation is now studyable.

Scholars, now have the skill focus.


Copyover area,code [clan stuff, spells, melee dam, by Beorn, 2011-01-10
Justice upgraded their ring. 10000
Carnage upgraded ring, wrist and neck eq. 1500
Supremacy upgraded their ring, sash, and bracer. 11000
Supremacy purchased a weapon. 14400

Hassan will now spank mobs.
Farmland mobiles are now less aggressive.
Illithid and Vampire help files updated.

Restrings will now NOT be purged by janitors.
Death, moves increased from 10 to 100.
Poison, affect strip when fleeing removed.
Spell, Sunbeam, damage increase.
Spell, Fire wind, rewrote code.
Spell, Lava burst, flame aura has less effect on damage.
Skill, Transcend, +3% more damage soak.
Skill, Transcend, +5% damage increase.
Skill, Transcend, damage to mana is now randomized +/- 1 of the former multiplication ratio.
Advanced alchemy, damage adjust to spells -4%.
Melee, physical/weapon damage in PK, damage adjust.
Backstab, damage increase by one increment.
Reset routines, set_hating/stop_hating to old code.

Enjoy :)

Copyover area,code,race [steal, element/spirit spe by Beorn, 2011-01-01
Steal, bandoliers/spellbooks are now a lot tougher to steal.
Spirit/Element spells, druids get a notify if they are in the best area for the spell.
Spirit/element spell stats changed a little.
PK timer will now allow people to QUIT and AFK in a SAFE room as well as their CLAN hall.
Skill, Knife fighting, damage increase.
Skill, Guitar hit, damage increase.

Did some small tweeks to hero eq. no change to hp/mana/move.

Vampires, resist negative added back.



Copyover code,area,class [whetstones, skill tweeks by Beorn, 2010-12-23
Devour soul, couple more tweeks here and there to the spell.
3rd, 4th, 5th attack chances back to original %'s
Crosscut damage raised a little.
Skill rework, Sharpen, specific checks in place for flags, new message installed.
Whetstones will, if not a catastrophic fail, no longer be rendered useless after each sharpen.
Whetstones will be rendered useless based on the condition of your whetstone.
Whetstones used in enrune will no longer poof after each rune.
Whetstones used in enrune will now deteriorate from use and eventually crumble.

Ceremonial dagger damage verb has been changed.
Graghtok's Lair, ruby will no longer double populate from same mob.
Mask of assassins got a little facelift, haha.

Clerics, call lightning, somehow was in skill list but not in a spellgroup. Added back into retribution.

Copyover code [spell forger mobile, forger spells, by Beorn, 2010-12-17
I know these changes may not be very popular but, trying to get warriors
classes a bit more sane.

Forger spells can no longer be scribed.
Forger scrolls already scribed will recite at a lower level.
Forger (flame, frost etc) mobile(s), cost per spell increase.
Forger spells drain/resilence blade are no longer stackable.

Scholars... will make a library that they can gain those spells at some point.

Scroll level adjust is now added to potions.

Bug fix, mana drain, drain wasn't being applied correctly to victim.

IMMs, restore all, level lowered to 107.


Re: Copyover code,race [Bug fix's, weight handling by Beorn, 2010-12-09
>>Beorn Writes:
>>Removed the ability to overload your character to directly foil charm.
>>Did not change taking charmed people through portals, still disallowed.
>>If overweight and charmed, moving from room to room will cost 5x more in movement points.
>>Removed overweight adjustment on defensive skills.
>>Bug fix, damage_all for MPROGS will now suck everyone into battle.
>>Nerve pinch, gimped some more.
>>Illithids, race stats should load correctly now.

5x more in moves change has been removed. Got convinced otherwise :)....

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